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Message by Dr. Mrs. S. Murty

For a long time University and College Professors, Economics Intellectuals and persons engaged in the process of growth have been feeling the need of establishing a platform and opening a debate on the economic problems of the country and Madhya Pradesh State and to promote research in Economics.

            With some concrete objectives, “ Madhya Pradesh Economic Association” was constituted in 1972 under the Presidentship of Prof. Dr.P.C. Mehrotra. Its main objectives are to provide a free, frank and fearless democratic forum to all such persons who are interested in research and expression. Its aims and objective are to promote economic science and research in the various branches of subject; to hold periodic conferences, seminars, symposia and lectures on the current economic problems ; to publish papers, reports, books and journals and to undertake surveys and spot studies on various economic problems. In the beginning the Association was established with these many objectives but with due course its main objective has become to organize its annual conference and to publish a Research Journal. The Association holds its conferences at different places of the state and various topics are discussed under the chairmanship of eminent economists of the Country. Unfortunately the conferences are not being held every year and mostly there is a gap of 2-3 years. That is why it could hold only 21 conferences in a life span of 38 years. However, it is gratifying to note that in a developing state like M.P., the Association has been able to create an academic atmosphere and involvement of young thinkers in the various problems of the economy and the state.

            Mostly two topics are picked up for discussion and submission of papers. One topic relates to the national and international economic problems which are prevalent at the time. The other topic is on the economic scenario of Madhya Pradesh. Till now, the Association has opened many topics for discussion such as Concept of Development, Economic Development of Weaker Sections in Agricultural Sector, Inter-Sectoral Terms of Trade, Savings and Investment in a Developing Economy, 20 point Economic Programme. The New Economic Policy and its Impact, Centre-State Financial Relations, Growth and Social Justice, Sustainable Development : Problems and Prospects, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth, Economic Growth Through Social Sector Development ,External Sector of Indian Economy, Service Sector in India, Knowledge Based Economy etc.

            On the scenario of M.P., the topics which were picked up were Capital and Financial Market in M.P., Public Revenue in M.P., Utilization of Institutional Credit in the Agricultural Sector in M.P., Strategy for Industrial Development of M.P., Cropping Pattern in M.P., Human Resource Development in M.P., Agricultural Growth in M.P., Industrial Structure of M.P., Resource Mobilization in M.P., Decentralized Planning in M.P., Cooperative Credit in M.P., Taxation Policy in M.P., Rural Economy of M.P., Rural Urban Gaps in M.P., Environmental Issues of Development in M.P. Economy etc.

            I am glad that Prof. Dr. Tapan Choure is in the process of updating the profile of M.P.E.A. I wish him and the Association all good luck in their future endeavors. 

         By – Dr. Mrs. S. Murty
Emeritus Professor (UGC)
Message by Prof. Keval Jain
Message by Dr. Ganesh Kawadia.

Dr. Tapan Chaure
General Secretary,
             Madhya Pradesh Economic Association has been providing excellent opportunity to the teachers and students of Economics for the development of their teaching and research skills on current issues of economics; It has always been encouraging the young teachers and providing them a platform to grow and to discuss their research and teaching issues. Its annual conference and publication of Standard Journal on national and regional issues make this association very effective and unique. 

I feel honored to be associated with this association through out my career. I wish to see it as one of the stranger and effective association of the thinkers of Economics.

Dr. Ganesh Kawadia.

Madhya Pradesh Economic Association has made noteworthy contribution in last 35 years in the progress of economics and in developing awareness amongst the masses regarding economics. I request the members to actively participate in the activities of the association and make researches for solving economic problems of the country in general and Madhya Pradesh in particular. Interdisciplinary approroach should be undertaken to resolve the economic crisis. I have firm belief that academic contribution of the members is the strength of any association hence I seek the co-operation of all the members in making the Madhya Pradesh Economic Association academically sound and to give suggestions for further improvement of the association.

Prof. S.K. Shukla
President 21st Conference Jabalpur

Head, Economics Deptt.
Jiwaji University, Gwalior

The Challenges before Madhya Pradesh Economic Association are multifaceted. At one end we have to realize once in lifetime opportunity of “Demographic Dividend” for our state and the nation, on the other we need to address the flagging rate of growth of the state. While the economic activities have taken a breathless pace in few fast developing states of India, we cannot allow Madhya Pradesh to lag behind, shackled with now ill-famous Hindu rate of growth. Hence I sincerely appeal to all the economists of the state to focus on a twin pronged strategy and offer solutions to their respective spheres, so that we may become the architects of development process as well as its active participants. High growth rates have proven to be the sure means of percolating and trickling the benefits of development to reach “the last man” Mahatma Gandhi had expressed his concern for.    --

 Prof. S.K. Choubey
President, 22nd MPEA Conference ( 2010-11)

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